Fox cancela Lucifer después de tres temporadas

Tras tres temporadas en antena, la cadena Fox ha decidido cancelar Lucifer, la «teórica» adaptación de los cómics de Vertigo/DC Comics.

Hoy se emitirá el último capítulo de la temporada actual, que servirá como final para la serie, y según el showrunner Joe Henderson, va a ser un final especialmente duro ya que termina con un enorme cliffhanger que va a frustrar enormemente a la leal base de fans.

Tras el anuncio, una legión de fans enfurecidos han creado el hashtag #SaveLucifer en Twitter para mostrar su decepción, llegando a ser trending topic mundial durante el fin de semana. A continuación os dejamos múltiples reacciones de miembros del reparto y el equipo de la serie.

For the last 3 years I’ve had the privilege of working on Lucifer with some of the most incredible people in this industry. We literally had a “no asshole” policy. I’ve grown up on this show. Married my husband during season 1, found out I was pregnant on season 2 and had my son season 3. Being your Mazikeen has been so very special to me for so many reasons. Playing this fiercely strong yet vulnerable, pansexual demon, has been my honor. To discover on a weekly basis, just how much a character like her, who looks like me, means to so many out there, has made my heart swell. I read your messages and fan mail and I’ve loved getting to know you as we tweet every Monday. I will miss that. To the fans, you’re incredible. Truly. You took us from a pilot to a series and a pick up not once, but three times. I’m incredibly sad we don’t get to give you another season because I truly feel there’s so much story left to tell. Thank you for your support, your constructive criticism and for giving us three wonderful years together. 🙏🏾 To my incredible cast mates, my family. I love each and everyone of you and while we will all go on to our next project, this time with you has been a career highlight for me. I started a family all while working and loving on my Lucifer family. I’ll be seeing you all…A LOT! Thank you for doing this dance with me and for being THE reason why guest stars loved working on our show. To our crew both in Vancouver and Los Angeles, thank you for all your hard work. For the daily laughs and for helping create the best set I’ve ever worked on. We are nothing without your hard work. To our writers, thank you for giving Mazikeen breath and life. For creating her world and for collaborating with me for 3 years. For indulging my ideas and giving me the freedom to bring her to life. To our producers, thank you for giving me a shot at a time when I’d been on the pilot auditioning hamster wheel for so long. I love Maze. She feels like a second skin to me and I sure will miss getting into those leather pants. Be sure to tune in on Monday. We weren’t done yet. Until next time. Always, LA x

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